Facebook Artist-In-Residence

Mural design and installation as part of the Facebook AIR program during July of 2019.

For this piece I wanted to create a snapshot of my time and experience having lived in California for a year and a half. Since moving to the Bay Area, I’ve noticed a shift in my mentality and pace of living. I’ve come to slow down and appreciate my surroundings - the uplifting colors of the houses, the flowers and trees, and the sun.

All images courtesy of @fbairprogram.

Jocelyn Tsaih_Sunnyvale_2019_Final_HR__6.jpg
Jocelyn Tsaih_Sunnyvale_2019_Final_HR__8.jpg
Jocelyn Tsaih_Sunnyvale_2019_Final_HR__2.jpg


Jocelyn Tsaih_Sunnyvale_2019_Final_HR__1 (1).jpg